Monday, January 26, 2009

Virtual Pampering

Need an escape? Can't make it to the spa this morning (or any morning any time soon)? The following landed in my in-box from Lulu's by Travis Parker a few minutes ago, and I found that by just gazing at the pretty picture and reading the description, I was transported to a simpler, more relaxing, more me-centric time of days gone by.

"Lovely Lavender Rose
The soothing, hydrating benefits of lavender and rose can comfort even the most weary feet. This decadent pedicure was designed with escape in mind, and the aromatic properties are almost as wonderful as the experience itself. We begin by bathing feet in oil-enriched rose petal soak, followed by grooming and callus care. A vitamin E lavender sugar scrub prepares feet and legs for the benefits of being enveloped by warm, healing paraffin. Using a moisture rich rose crème, legs and feet are pampered with our signature massage. Toes are then polished to perfection.
Be light. Be warm.
Be Lovely."

Aaaah! Wasn't that divine? I'm sure the real thing is more effective, but if you're like me and don't see that happening any time soon (not without moving heaven and earth anyway), reading this is hopefully a pretty close second. And now, on that rosy note, my day can begin!

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