Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do You Know Your Metabolic Type?

May seem like an obvious question to some. But as of this moment, I have no idea what mine is. That's why I ordered this book yesterday at the suggestion of a coworker, who by the way, is responsible for singlehandedly turning my workplace into the Land of the Incredibly Shrinking Employees. Seriously, I've been walking down the halls lately wondering when exactly fitness became contagious. Now I know.

This lawyer in my office (I'll call her "Cathy") moonlights as a nutritional counselor. She's been using her expertise to help some of my coworkers figure out their metabolic types and to counsel and support them as they adjusted their diets accordingly. I don't normally (never) buy into stuff like this, but the results are plain to see. Pant sizes are dropping around my work at an alarming rate. And as if I needed more motivation, Cathy told me that after she figured out her metabolic type and changed her diet (she happens to be an extreme protein), her PMS symptoms went away practically overnight, she reached her goal weight for her wedding, and she began feeling all around healthier and more energetic. She also told me that once you start eating the foods that are right for you, your body violently rejects the foods that are wrong for you, thereby ending all unhealthy cravings.

Cathy offers one-on-one counseling services (I have her brochure if you're interested), but she told me Dr. Wolcott's book is a great starting-off point. Here's the synopsis I found on Google:

"For hereditary reasons, your metabolism is unique. Cutting-edge research shows that no single diet works well for everyone–the very same foods that keep your best friend slim may keep you overweight and feeling unhealthy and fatigued. Now, William Wolcott, a pioneer in the field of metabolic research, has developed a revolutionary weight-loss program that allows you to identify your "metabolic type" and create a diet that suits your individual nutritional needs.

In The Metabolic Typing Diet, Wolcott and acclaimed science writer Trish Fahey provide simple self-tests that you can use to discover your own metabolic type and determine what kind of diet will work best for you. It might be a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet filled with pasta and grains, or a high-fat, high-protein diet focused on meat and seafood, or anything in between. By detailing exactly which foods and food combinations are right for you, The Metabolic Typing Diet at last reveals the secret to shedding unwanted pounds and achieving optimum vitality with lasting results.

The Metabolic Typing Diet will enable you to:
Achieve and maintain your ideal weight
Eliminate sugar cravings
Enjoy sustained energy and endurance
Conquer indigestion, fatigue, and allergies
Bolster your immune system
Overcome anxiety, depression, and mood swings"

For $11 and change, I am sold!


Krista said...

crazy! you have to let me know how it works.

jora said...

I want to hear more about this.