Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Joseph is For Moi

I really like the newish boutique that moved into Sorella's old spot on Fir Street in Little Italy. It's called For Joseph, and it specializes in contemporary clothing that is chic, feminine, and totally wearable. By wearable I mean the French husband-and-wife designer duo behind For Joseph seems to have created a stylish line that actually takes into account real-life women's bodies. Bodacious booty? Check. Smallish chest? No problem. Hippy? They've got you covered too. I'd go so far as to say all of your body issues become body assets when you wear these clothes.

For instance, how is this for an LBD that is undeniably sexy, but skims the mid-section in such a way that lets you breathe AND eat a decent-sized meal?

And here we have a sweet, and again forgiving, dress that is very deserving of a spot in your post-holiday-binging spring wardrobe.

Speaking of spring, this lemony, yellow top has got pot-belly love written all over it.

And this expose would not be complete without a nod to their leathers, which are buttery, refined, dreamy, and great on most body types.

For Joseph's prices are right too, considering what you get and that much of their stuff can be dressed up or down (only deepening the love affair). Or you could swing into their storewide 75% off sale, like I did, and snatch up some real deals. Not sure if I can recommend the jewelry though. While quite cute and tempting, I bought a gold, double-chain necklace that broke the first day I wore it. Loving the quality of the clothes though. A great Little Italy addition indeed.

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